Oracle Hyperion Essbase

Sample Hyperion Essbase certification questions

1.  Which six files are involved in data base recovery for block storage option after a database crash?

A. Essn.pag - data B. Essn.ind - index C. Essn.dat
D. Temp.dat

E. Dbname.esm - kernel file that contains control information for db recovery F. Dbname.tct - transaction control table
G. Dbname.ind - free fragment file for data and index free fragments
H. Dbname.otl

I. Metadata folder

Answer: B, C, F, G, H, I

2. You have the following analysis requirement. Products roll up to Product Family which rolls up to Product Category. You also need to group Products by Product Manager. Product Managers may manage one or more Products across product families. You do not need to create reports with Product Manager by Product Family. You need to secure products by Product Manager for planning submissions. You consider Shared members as a solution because of which two options?

A. Shared members provide cross tab reporting (Product Manager in the rows and Product Family across the column)
B. Share members provide additional categorization but results in a smaller database then if you were to add Product Manager as a separate dimension

C. You can assign security to shared members
D. Share members can be assigned to spares members only 

Answer: B, D 

3. During a multidimensional analysis getting data from a supplemental data source is an example of______.

A. Drill across B. Drill Through C. Trending D. Pivotin

Answer: A

4. What is the extension for the file containing data for ASO applications?

A. .pag B. .dat C. .txt D. .aso E. .fil

Answer: B

5. Which four are the directories used for aggregate storage databases?

A. Default B. Log C. Metadata D. Data E. Bin F. Temp

Answer: A, B, C, F